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The best ‘idea’ to incubate and grow is ‘dream’. All that is needed is to differentiate between pseudo and real dreams and to interpret them into realities.

 We have the best interpreters and the classy pathmakers. What makes us different; we believe that this idea has no copyrights and anyone regardless of the social, cultural, financial, educational ,gender, age or any resistance barrier can come up with this. We believe that the change is good to be claimed but any change, innovation, economic growth, equity market, technology scales and so on…must have the equal rights to dream, access, opportunity to develop and must have benefits to the community. We believe in rising numerical digits and beatifully drawn scaling up growth charts but these must have also uprising comfort smiles and financial ease to the community. We believe that the industry growth makes new job creations but also can produce new industry leaders from these workers and the opportunities should be given. We believe that billions of dollars funding and investment are lucrative to think to get for startups and but sometimes it is just a few dollars in need to raise an enterpreneur to make a happy living for his/her family and that matters to us a lot to make the change, THE REAL CHANGE. For us the economic ecosystem chain is tied up to all the sectors from bottom to top and to make the change, the rope must be tied to all the segments.

Who we are

The refined people with experience, qualifications, skills, resources and the portfolio are the strength of Legacy Ventures with the best Operations Team working dedicatedly day and night creating marked success stories.

What we do

We create business with innovation and transform potentials into performance.


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HealthCare Unlimited

Mobile e-Clinics Network

The Stock Room

E-Commerce Supermart

derma Live

Digital Platform of Dermatology Clinics

Wellness Live

Telemedicine Company


Digital Platform of Mental Health Services


Skilled and Professional Courses Institute


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